Marzena Kierepka

"Where I can learn this?"

When I started going for Yoga classes it was in London, 1999, in a gym and I did not  even know what was this class was called. From week to week I started longing for the classes, waiting for Sunday to come so that I could go and practice yoga.
One day, bravely enough, I approached the teacher and asked, "Where can I learn more about this?”
Her answer was, "Go to India to this ashram in the south..."  
Two months later I was on a plane to India and planned to stay there half a year. On that journey I explored different styles, teachers and places. The rest is a history.
I fell in love with Yoga immediately and that love continues, even today!
The vastness of this subject, its depth, the different layers, connections, and its beauty are overwhelming.
I have tried and practiced different styles, but the one which speaks to me the most, (my body, my mind and soul), is Iyengar Yoga & Guruji B.K.S Iyengar, whom I met in Pune, India on few occasions.
I feel gratitude from the depth of my heart to my teachers: The Iyengar family, Hart Lazer, and Radjiv & Swati Chanchanis for sharing their knowledge with me and letting me experience the joy of Yoga.
Currently Marzena lives in Hanoi, Vietnam.  Since 2007 she has owned and operated Zenith Yoga Studio. She is married to Pankaj and has two beautiful boys, Aditya & Aayan.



Vu Kim Thu

Vu Kim Thu started practicing yoga in 2000 during her enrollment at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. She fell in love immediately with yoga after her first class and notice the huge difference in body and mind after just an intensive week. Then she decided to study Hatha yoga with Suddha Weixler from Chicago Yoga Center for a few years while he offered his teaching at her art school.

In 2003, Thus practice was deepening in intensive classes at Chicago Moksha Yoga Center. From here, she followed the style of Ana Forrest, Shiva Rea and many other great teachers. In 2006, she travelled to Thailand to study Ashtanga yoga with Paul Dallahan at Yoga Thailand on Koh Samui.

In 2007, a severe back pain injury happened that changed her practice forever. Thu became more interested in yoga therapy, gentle practice and how yoga can play a role as a healing process physically and mentally. This lead her to take the Raja Yoga teacher training with Ron Katwijk at Magic Pond Yoga Center in Seoul, Korea. From here, her practice changed to a meditative and restorative style.

Thu's favourite quote is; “Practice, practice and all is coming” by Sri K Patthabi Jois.



Thuy Nguyen

Started yoga since 2008, it has been a remarkable journey for me. I have been through a lot with yoga. Practicing Asanas for the body is an interesting part, practicing yoga for the mind has influenced me the most. Yoga has led me to a wise philosophy of life, guide me to meet inspiring people, be with me through difficult times…

Thanks to yoga, I am who I am now, and I really appreciate it!

And Zenith yoga studio is the “real” yoga studio in Hanoi that I know, with carefully selected teachers, with an inspiring yoga community, with valuable workshops and training from yoga gurus coming from different parts of the world . I'm proud to be a student and teacher here!




Naomi Misawa

I started and naturally became attracted to yoga since 2012.
In 2013, I quit my job and begined to teach yoga in Hanoi. It was one of the small changes in my life.

I wanted to focus on my yoga life. After that, I have started teaching yoga at Zenith Yoga studio since middle 2014. Zenith is my mose favourite place! Friendly, Kindly, Peace and Love.
I love Ashtanga. I believe that yoga has a lot of kinds of entrances and approaches but the essence is unique.
My favourite motto is: "Practice becomes firmly grounded when well attended to for a long time, without break and in all earnestness". Yoga Sutra 1:14 

Zuzzalla Krishna Hare

“Suzanna has been living in Hanoi for 4 years, and lives with her dog and cat. She has completed her 200 and 300 hour teaching certification in the holy city of Rishikesh in 2012 and 2014. She enjoys blending the yoga stylings of Hatha, Vinyassa and Restorative Yoga in her practice. Suzanna loves being part of the Zenith community, which has been an instrumental tool in her personal growth and journey in yoga. She believes wholeheartedly that yoga will change your life if you practice. “By mastery comes wisdom,” Yoga Sutra 3.5. A big namaste to all of you.”



Linh Linh

“Tôi bắt đầu thực hành Yoga từ năm 2012, khi đó tôi đang là sinh viên Đại học. Việc học hành khá căng thẳng khiến tôi luôn trong trạng thái mệt mỏi và chán nản. Thật may mắn tôi đã biết đến Yoga qua một người bạn. Và sau khi thực hành Yoga được một thời gian, tôi thấy cuộc sống của mình thực sự thay đổi. Cơ thể tôi khỏe mạnh hơn, tâm lý ổn định hơn, và cảm thấy vui vẻ hơn. Yoga không chỉ dạy tôi cách nhận biết cơ thể của mình, mà Yoga còn mang đến cho tôi một lối sống lành mạnh, Yoga dạy tôi cách đối xử với mọi người, dạy tôi yêu thương mọi người và yêu thương bản thân mình. Đến với Yoga tôi được giải thoát khỏi những bó buộc, những căng thẳng trong cuộc sống hàng ngày. Yoga khiến cho cơ thể tôi khỏe mạnh hơn, tâm trí bình an hơn.

Khi đó tôi thực sự vô cùng yêu thích và cảm thấy biết ơn với Yoga. Và tôi mong muốn có thể chia sẻ bộ môn này với nhiều người hơn nữa.

Và thật tuyệt vời khi tôi biết tới Zenith, mặc dù trước đó đã học qua rất nhiều thầy cô, nhưng cho tới khi tham gia TTC tại Zenith tôi được mở mang hơn rất nhiều. Zenith không chỉ mang lại cho tôi những kiến thức rất chuyên sâu về Yoga, mà còn hướng dẫn giúp tôi trở thành một người giáo viên tốt, chỉ cho tôi một con đường để trở thành một Yogi thực thụ.

Tôi rất tự hào khi trở thành một thành viên của Zenith!